Global Manager


Managers should have the tools necessary to understand the counterpart’s culture and utilize it to their advantage to achieve their goals. This is where managers come to get global.


Of the communication is nonverbal or paraverbal and each culture interprets content in different ways. Accuracy may be understood as rudeness. Some cultures place a high value on words, other cultures place more weight and importance on silence and all have rules of communication that vary according to sex, age and power.

Global Manager Skills


The Global Manager consulting process ranges from an initial diagnosis to coaching and supporting the implementation of change. The degree of intercultural competency is adjusted by levels, expertise in achieving proposed objectives are identified and acquired, strategies for general intercultural negotiations are designed, as well as specific tactics for negotiations with the cultures selected by the company, and tools to multiply knowledge and assure its continuity within the organization are identified and established.

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You must be ready to negotiate with any culture at any given moment and have the necessary skills to identify and capitalize on cultural elements so that the negotiation is as positive as possible for mutual parties.


From short conferences to courses and workshops several days in length, the Global Manager’s programs are designed according to the needs of your team. We identify the best program for your company depending on its specific purposes and goals.

Lead Your Team In The Best Way

Global Manager’s programs are designed according to the needs of your team. We identify the  best program for your company   depending on its specific purposes and goals.



In the international arena, reaching a satisfactory outcome for both parties not only depends on the win-win approach, but also on the expectations both parties have prior to negotiations. These can vary widely from culture to culture, depending on their very understanding of the concept 'fair'.
People of different origin and culture in a team can mean different problem solving skills and different points of view of business situations. Intercultural leading, following and teamwork must be unlearned and relearned, not just left to intuition.



Take your product or message and communicate it accurately with the right tone of voice. Speak to locals with colloquial language. Avoid offensive misunderstandings, wrong brand positioning or attracting unwanted attention

To understand a subculture, a deep knowledge and familiarity must be learned on a specific subculture. Structured research methods can explain shared values, practices, norms and behaviours in a subculture. These can help you grasp the ideas on how to communicate with the audience and how to blend into the environment.